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OMGPOP closure like a 'weight lifted off our shoulders', say former staff

Writing was on the wall
OMGPOP closure like a 'weight lifted off our shoulders', say former staff

A matter of days ago, Zynga decided to shutter OMGPOP following the less-than-stellar performance of Draw Something 2.

But it appears the employees on hand at the studio - rebranded as Zynga New York - weren't all too upset by the news.

Instead, they faced their termination with alcohol in hand and celebrated being let go with an impromptu party that led to the shredding of Zynga-branded hoodies, t-shirts, and other swag.

Drawing to a close

Why? Because much of the staff knew closure was the only option, and wanted to be let out of their misery.

Detailing the mass termination to Business Insider, a former employee said there "were no hard facts or figures [from Zynga]. No real explanation. Just typical corporate BS."

"Everyone was just like, 'Yep.' Not surprised at all. It was like the weight had been lifted off our shoulders, that a decision had finally been made."

Indeed, others told the site that they'd seen the end coming, as projects were drying up after the departure of former OMGPOP CEO and Zynga VP Dan Porter Dan Porter's back in April.

The slow down

"You could almost feel things were slowing down, we were all chomping at the bit for something new" said another anonymous employee.

The decision to celebrate rather than mourn the demise of OMGPOP is perhaps understandable, given it drew to a close a confusing period in the studio's history - one that began with a $180 million acquisition that continues to confound many critics today.

Taking this in stride, another employee commented, "We thought, 'You just laid off your most talented mobile team ...We were totally under-utilised."

The OMGPOP layoffs were part of a broader restructuring at Zynga which saw 520 employees laid off.

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