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Ustwo says only 5% Android users paid for Monument Valley

But ustwo is "not complaining"
Ustwo says only 5% Android users paid for Monument Valley

Monument Valley’s developer, ustwo, has written a series of tweets outlining just how rampant Android piracy still is.

The data is specifically related to Monument Valley, one of the most critically-acclaimed mobile games of 2014 that earned a top spot on our Mobile Mavens “Game of the Year” list.

According to the UK-based developer, only 5 percent of Monument Valley installs on Android are paid for, compared to 40 percent on iOS. 

Ustwo also pointed out that the 95 percent of unpaid Android installs does not include the free day of deals on Amazon last month.

Money making

While on the surface this seems pretty damning for premium-priced games and Android as a revenue-generating platform, this won’t necessarily be the experience of every developer.

For example, Monument Valley has endured some controversy over in-app purchases. While the game debuted on iOS in May for $3.99, arriving on Android a few months later for the same price, the Forgotten Shores expansion pack caused some upset.

The extra content cost $1.99 to download, sparking outrage that ustwogames had asked users to pay twice for their game.

Still, despite the dent in earnings the developer was keen to stress that unpaid installs aren’t a thorn in the company’s side.

“We’re not complaining at all by the way,” it later tweeted. “It’s to be expected. It’s just interesting data.”