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Dan Gray steps up to Head of Studio role at Monument Valley dev ustwo

Former exec producer takes charge
Dan Gray steps up to Head of Studio role at Monument Valley dev ustwo

In an effort to establish a level of structure more befitting its size, ustwo games has named former Executive Producer Dan Gray as its new Head of Studio.

London-headquartered ustwo isn't exclusively a games company, working across a number of mobile platforms on apps and client work, but its gaming arm has been granted the potential to grow thanks to the success of Monument Valley.

Establishing order

"ustwo games has become an enchanting beast of a magnitude none of us could have predicted," said Gray.

"Because of this change, it's been essential that we get a little more structured with how we create, to make sure we preserve our unique way of working as we continue to grow."

ustwo games' latest, entitled Land's End, is a virtual-reality game currently exclusive to the Samsung Gear VR.

Little, however, has been confirmed thus far about the studio's plans for 2016 - except that the man now at the helm wants to maintain what makes the team unique:

"We want to continue to take risks where others wouldn't, creating our own path instead of following others, and continuing to create platform-perfect entertainment with an attention to quality of design, and quality of experience."