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OpenFeint opens beta program for multiplayer features

Play together nicely with v2.5
OpenFeint opens beta program for multiplayer features

The battle for the hearts and minds of developers stepped up a notch as OpenFeint announced its beta program for its version 2.5 release, which will support iPhone multiplayer features.

The technology release will enable developers to deliver multiplayer experiences to gamers with no server-side development or deployment from developers.

The v2.5 release will be publicly available during the autumn, so developers have plenty of time to release multiplayer games for the 'holiday season'.

Specific feature included in the release will include:

Real-time player presence: This means friends' online status will always be up-to-date, enabling you to see when your friends are online so you can start or resume a multiplayer game, and send instant messages.

Turn-based support: Server-side hosting and support for turn-based games will include the ability for one or more players to pause and resume play.

Matchmaking: Players seeking opponents will be able to search and pair up by options such as game-specific abilities, geo-location and game session type.

Network memory card: This is a server-side facility which will save any data related to a player and allow it to be shared with friends or more widely. Examples of use include in-progress games, single-player save games, and player statistics.

"Multiplayer is a natural progression for the thousands of developers using OpenFeint," said Aurora Feint's co-founders Jason Citron and Danielle Cassley. "We're excited to offer the first free, no-strings-attached multiplayer solution for iPhone and iPod touch."

The OpenFeint SDK is freely available for developers at For daily updates, follow its Twitter feed.