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Our premium iPhone App store exclusive sweeps the Web

And reactions are broadly positive to the idea
Our premium iPhone App store exclusive sweeps the Web

In less than 24 hours,'s story on rumours that Apple is planning a $19.99 games section on App Store has set iPhone commentators ablaze.

We're really glad so many sites trust our reporting sufficiently to pick up the story. And we thought you might be interested to hear some of their takes on the rumour.


"Being able to sustain higher priced apps in the App Store is, of course, in Apple's best interest. This is not the first time Apple has tried to promote these premium apps. In November, Apple invited select app developers to a press event highlighting many $9.99 apps and games."


"The App Store currently offers more than 1,500 games, which is more than the combined titles offered for Sony's PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS, the two main competitors in the handheld gaming market. But some developers have complained that the open market place of the App Store and its Top 100 lists tend to reward cheaper but higher-volume applications."


"In an interview published this week, Apple vice president of iPhone and iPod product marketing Greg Joswiak spoke directly to this end, noting that the one of the benefits of the App Store is the low overheard required to become an influential player in the market.

"Similar comments from the Apple executive also challenge the notion that premium pricing and a focus on incumbent game publishers would serve as a beneficial shift in strategy."


"I'm really hoping the move doesn't inhibit the great independent development that's been going on so far, but I'd also like to see studios like SquareEnix go all out, instead of just sort of going with half-measures like Crystal Defenders."

TouchArcade (in comments):

It's a step in the right direction, BUT! How about tiers for the rest of us indie developers.

Top 20 $1 and up

Top 20 $5 and up

Top 20 $10 and up

Top 20 $15 and up

Notice the AND UP. This might be even better as popular expensive games could (if exceptionally popular) encroach on the lower priced lists. This, in my mind, is VERY good for promoting quality game development."


"Price labels, or at least the lack thereof, represent the biggest difference between the iTunes Store front page and the App Store front page. Unlike the iTunes Store front page, which brandishes its yellow-colored price points and sales, the App Store remains distinctly empty of any cost information. [...]

"Without that standard, it's hard to put your application on sale. Can a $4.99 app be 'on sale' when most units are retailing for $0.99 or $1.99?"


"Games priced at $19.99 would be a stretch for a non-dedicated gaming device. If Apple embraces accessories like the third-party iControlpad, this would of course be a different situation."


"Interesting. I've long held that Apple should open up a bargain-basement section of the App Store that contains all of the poorly reviewed and/or seldomly downloaded apps. This would make browsing the app store more enjoyable and efficient for users. Perhaps a premium section of the App Store would be just as helpful. I guess we'll have to wait and see."

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