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Ovi Store offers 5-star experience as Nokia rolls out updates

Lessons from the App Store
Ovi Store offers 5-star experience as Nokia rolls out updates

Having decided against a sharp v2.0 reboot, Nokia is committed to a gradual roll out of new features for the Ovi Store.

Version 1.06 is now out, bringing a new 5-star rating system that replaces the original 3-star set-up.


Nokia claims the new system meets the needs expressed by its consumer base. The company's official Ovi blog states the move is as a result of "feedback from our global user experience panels that preferred a 5-star system to our previous 3-star system".

Nokia continues, "We also learned in those feedback sessions that you wanted to see improvements in the content review system. With this release and going forward, only customers who have actually downloaded something may rate and/or comment on it.

"In addition, you will know the reviewer's device and when it was posted, ensuring the freshness and relevance of the user reviews you read."

Appy Ovi Store

Indeed, much of this will sound familiar to Apple App Store users. The whole look of the Ovi Store from the way information about each app is now displayed to the new set-up for the ratings system seems to be moving closer in look and feel to Apple's mighty marketplace.

Nokia, however, will claim the update is part of a wider strategy to listen to customer feedback.

The desktop UI has also received a fresh look that makes it easier to choose the user's particular handset.

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