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Paradox expects 10 per cent of sales to come from mobile by 2020

Tencent-backed PC strategy giant has eyes set on mobile development and more acquisitions
Paradox expects 10 per cent of sales to come from mobile by 2020

High investor expectations have pushed strategy developer Paradox Interactive further towards mobile gaming.

Incoming CEO Ebba Ljungerud, taking over from owner Fredrik Wester, stated that Paradox’s goal was to have 10 per cent of sales come from mobile by 2020. The studio currently has little-to-no presence in the market, but its PC user base is sizeable.

Thanks to the popularity of titles like Europa Universalis and Cities: Skylines, Paradox enjoys an active monthly base of 2 million users. Focussed on strategy titles, it’s possible the company could exploit that number in future mobile games.

Next move

The Swedish firm is also looking to continue expanding through acquisitions. Paradox recently acquired Battletech developer Harebrained Schemes, and have eyes open to increase their portfolio.

“Our cash is strong and we have a good valuation ... so there is room (for acquisitions),” said Ljungerud.

Investor’s have lofty ambitions in mind for Paradox, banking on the company’s existing catalogue and potential for entry into sectors like mobile and Asia.

“Expectations are high, that is obvious," said Swedbank portfolio manager Carl Armfelt, holding 8.6 per cent in Paradox shares. "There's the high valuation both on existing products and prospects they will make strategic deals."