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PayPal launches in-app purchase system for Android

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PayPal launches in-app purchase system for Android

Money transfer specialist PayPal has announced it has launched a new system that will allow Android developers to enable in-app purchases using its network.

Responding to the lack of an official in-app purchase set-up, the appropriately named Mobile Payments Library for Android (OS 1.5 and above) enables studios to integrate PayPal payments into their title without players having to leave the app in question.

The service means developers don't have to deal with credit card payments first hand, with PayPal's infrastructure handling all such elements for them.

It's also available for iPhone apps (OS 3.1.x).It pays to be with PayPal

"Whether you’re looking to replicate a storefront you have online or you're making something unique for the mobile device, this library can help you get paid," the firm says of the set-up on the PayPal X developer website.

"With our library, we'll take care of the payment flow and you can keep focusing on making those great apps. You will integrate the library into your code and will call a method to tell us how much you want to charge and who the money should go to."

Naturally, PayPal itself takes a cut of the transaction, but until Google serves up something within Google Checkout (and even after that), PayPal's move into the in-app purchase market will be an attractive option for many developers.