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Unity, Vlambeer, Rovio, Gamevil, Resolution, Miniclip, Creative Mobile and more confirmed on PG Connects Vancouver advisory panel

Smart minds
Unity, Vlambeer, Rovio, Gamevil, Resolution, Miniclip, Creative Mobile and more confirmed on PG Connects Vancouver advisory panel
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Pocket Gamer Connects is coming to Canada on June 28-29 and we'll have an unmissable show for anyone involved in the mobile gaming business.

We know this because - in addition to having a team of conference roadies working behind the scenes to successfully (and consistently) deliver one of the leading industry event tours since 2014 in locations such as London, Helsinki, Bangalore, and San Francisco - we've also got one of the most talented advisory boards in the business.

Take a bow:

  • Saad Choudri, Miniclip
  • Oscar Clark, Unity Technologies
  • Scott Foe, Ignited Artists
  • Vladimir Funtikov, Creative Mobile
  • David Helgason, Unity Technologies
  • Harry Holmwood, Secret Police
  • Rami Ismail, Vlambeer
  • Shintaro Kanaoya, Chorus Worldwide
  • Jussi Laakkonen, Unity Technologies
  • Suvi Latva, Neogames Finland
  • Kyu Lee, Gamevil USA
  • Macy Mills, Hitcents
  • Tommy Palm, Resolution Games
  • Shum Singh, Agnitio Capital
  • Caroline Stokes, Forward
  • Wilhelm Taht, Rovio Entertainment
  • Kadri Ugand, GameFounders
  • Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio Entertainment

Big names, big expectations...

Together with our content team, the above group provide their invaluable advice on the direction of the PGC Vancouver programme – which we'll start unveiling soon – and ensure that it rightly focuses on the areas that will mostly benefit the audience.

In practical terms this means you should expect 2 days featuring 6 tracks, 80+ sessions, 100+ speakers, and countless reasons to be there.


You want a track list? You got it:

  • East Meets West: Going Global – our beloved core track returns more in tune than Celine Dion and includes insight into trends in Asia, LatAm, and emerging markets, as well as a focus on eSports and, of course, brands
  • Indie track – this should be the destination of every indie developer attending PGC, where they'll get the lowdown on the strategies, tools, and techniques needed to thrive in today's mobile games market (we'll also call it something more Alanis Morissette-esque, promise)
  • Monetize, Retain, Acquire – not an analysis of Avril Lavigne manager's strategy for the singer's career, rather the lowdown on how to establish a model that will keep your players returning and spending before you have to dish out the UA dollars
  • Mobile Games University – want wisdom to rival that of Neil Young? MGU offers a carefully curated curriculum very much focused on practical advice on how to succeed as a mobile games developer
  • Show Me The Money – Justin Bieber's likely favourite track isn't as crass as its title suggests, and should teach you how to locate and select the investment avenue that could transform your business
  • Future Visions – from pinpoint the real size of the VR opportunity to deciding what other technologies and trends should be on your radar, Future Visions aims to give your business Michael Bublé-like lastability

And even while those are on we kick off with the encore, with plenty more happening throughout the event:

  • The Very Big Indie Pitch – massively popular indie developer competition
  • 20/20 SpeedMatch – An exclusive session enabling shortlisted developers and publishers to make initial contact during a dedicated 2-hour stint of speed-date style meetings
  • I Love Indie Showcase – an exlusive expo area within the conference dedicated to indie developers and their games
  • PG Party – come now, no PGC is complete without a little dancing and plenty of schmoozing
  • Bespoke meeting system – our dedicated Pitch & Match system for all registered delegates to use in order to connect during the conference

We've still got space for speakers, so do step up to the mic if you have something to share.

Got stage fright? Then an audience seat is what you need.