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PG.Biz Report 2010 now available for MobileSQUARED readers

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PG.Biz Report 2010 now available for MobileSQUARED readers

After a successful launch last year, the PocketGamer.Biz Mobile Games Trends Report is back again with a brand new 2010 edition, which collates all the key trends, technologies, facts, and data into one compact and digestible read.

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"The mobile games sector has been turned upside down by the phenomenal success of Apple's iPhone and App Store, which has opened the flood gates for digital mobile content and irrevocably proved the lucrative potential of mobile games," says Steel Media managing director Chris James.

"Now, with the rest of the industry clamouring to catch up with new technology and hardware, the next 12 months should prove to be the most exciting yet for existing and new players alike."

Who's the report for?

Created by an elite team of industry journalists and analysts, the PocketGamer.Biz Mobile Games Trend Report 2010 provides an essential guide to the mobile games industry for developers, publishers, manufacturers, middleware providers, investors, and indeed anyone else seeking to stake their claim in this burgeoning sector.

What's Inside?

The 150 plus pages of mobile game industry data, analysis, and insight include:

  • Essential App Store Round-up: In-depth overview of the principle app stores and distribution channels plus separate analysis of key data and trends.
  • 2010 Forward Focus: Ten key issues and trends for the year ahead.
  • Executive Briefing - App Store Marketing: Insider's Guide to marketing your games and Apps.
  • 2009 Review: All the developments, deals, and trends.
  • Publisher Analysis: Competitive analysis of the ten leading publishers' 2009 activity.
  • Focus On...Emerging mobile business models: Feature looking at the different business models available, covering the likes of: freemium, in-app purchase, episodic content, ad-funding, etc.
  • Case Studies: The 50 key mobile games you need to know about.
  • Territory Report - China: Is 2010 the time to make your move in the far East?
  • Unique Industry Confidence Survey: Key players from the value chain share their views and forecasts.
  • Market Data Round-up: Key facts and figures on the industry and trends.

Report Pricing:

  • Single Copy: £699 Print or Digital

    • Offer Price: £549.99

  • Multi-user (five copies): £999 (2x Print + 3x Digital licenses)

    • Special Offer Price: £799.99

  • Enterprise License (20 copies): £2499 (5x Print + 15x Digital licenses)

    • Special Offer Price: £1,599.99

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