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PGC Digital: Adapting Animal Farm from a book to game

"I can not encourage you enough to take risks"
PGC Digital: Adapting Animal Farm from a book to game

Games can be adapted from other forms of creativity, indlucing films, TV shows, comics and books.

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4, Bossa Studios co-founder and creator in chief Imre Jele gave a talk on Animal Farm, and adapting a famous novel, as well as creating games with a strong political message.

Initially, Jele had the idea to make a board game based on Animal farm back when he was a teenager in Hungary.

"I cannot carry the weight of all these ideas," said Jele.

The creator had many ideas going around his head until he got to the point where he was determined to work on a game for Animal Farm.

However, it took a long time for Jele to get the rights to the game, then it took longer to determine what the game would be and where the funding would come from. Moreover, he needed to determine what the right gameplay would be.

"We tried a lot of great ideas, but ultimately the solution came in an indie form collective," said Jele.

Plenty of talented people threw their hat in the ring, wanting to join the project.

Are games art?

"Of course games are art," said Jele.

However, it is a "very inconsistent art." Moreover, Jele considers games to be the "most powerful" form of art.

He believes that there needs to be a balance between gaining fame and fortune and creating a meaningful game.

The question to ask yourself, is why are you making a game? Is it for enjoyment, or perhaps for money? Moreover, Jele believes it is important to think about what will be left behind by the art that you create.


"You cannot adapt something without putting yourself in it," said Jele.

The team wanted to create an experience that was authentic to Animal Farm, making it as intended rather than looking at something like"Animal Farm in pace."

Moreover, the best way to adapt a book is to read it, to understand it. Furthermore, books can be a "wonderful" thing to create an adaptation from.

Jele and his team broke the book down; they needed to dig deep and find a crucial understanding, wanting to understand the character himself, learning his thinking process aided Jele in creating a faithful adaptation.

"It was very difficult not to add myself to the adaptation," said Jele.
Despite the challenge, Jele and his team wanted to present the political points from Animal Farm, not their own views.

"I can not encourage you enough to take risks," said Jele.

The new game will be out on December 10th across a variety of platforms.