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Testing platform PickFu launches PickFu for Games

Allowing developers to conduct consumer research
Testing platform PickFu launches PickFu for Games

Market feedback platform PickFu has launched PickFu for Games.

The new service will give customers access to feedback from thousands of players across the US.

PickFu for Games enables developers to create surveys, starting from $50.

Through that research, users can gauge audience interest and gain insights into a range of development aspects.

Such insights include mobile app icons, concepts, artwork, names, advertising and more.

The research can be conducted at any point in a game's lifecycle. Moreover, developers and publishers can segment the players they target, differentiating between mobile and console.

I pick you

"After seeing traction with our surveys among game developers and publishers of various sizes, it made perfect sense to launch an offering specifically tailored to games," said PickFu co-founder John Li.

"Our platform gives our customers highly affordable, rapid access to their target players so they can ask the essential questions that drive the game development process. They get detailed feedback quickly, which leads to better games and ultimately, higher revenue."


Overall, more than 50,000 polls have been conducted through PickFu, generating over 3.2 million consumer responses.

For more information on what PickFu for Games can offer, you can visit the website here.