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Plarium donates $100,000 to games accessibility charity AbleGamers

Following successful fundraising campaign in Mech Arena
Plarium donates $100,000 to games accessibility charity AbleGamers

Israel-based mobile games dev Plarium has made a $100,000 donation to video game accessibility non-profit The AbleGamers Charity.

The figure was generated through a fundraising campaign in one of the studio’s most recent titles, the five-versus-five online multiplayer Mech Arena, which lasted throughout December 2021.

During the '#MechsAreHere' campaign, players were challenged to destroy mechs to win in-game prizes and exclusive merchandise, as well as raise money for the charity. For every 100 million mechs destroyed in the game, Plarium pledged a donation of $10,000 to AbleGamers, with a total of one billion mechs being destroyed.

Smashed it

"The #MechsAreHere campaign was a big success for our game, the players, and in turn, The AbleGamers Charity,” said Plarium CEO Aviram Steinhart.

"We continue to strive to bring exciting and meaningful campaigns to our games and look for opportunities to partner with causes that align with our values."


AbleGamers director of mental health Roger Brooks added: "Thanks to donations and fundraising campaigns like the one put on by Plarium and Mech Arena, we’re able to continue engaging gamers and make lasting impacts on the lives we touch. This kind of support allows us to meet individuals where their needs are and further our mission to remove the notion of a 'one size fits all' solution."

Last month, UK-based games charity SpecialEffect launched a new DevKit to provide developers with an online resource for improving accessibility in their games.