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Playable Factory announces launch of HTML5 service for mobile games studios

H5 Games will support mobile devs without the experience, ability, or funding to create HTML5 titles
Playable Factory announces launch of HTML5 service for mobile games studios

Mobile games marketing platform Playable Factory has recently launched H5 Games, an HTML5-based creative service built to bring mobile games to social platforms like TikTok and Snap.

With the launch of H5 Games, Playable Factory seeks to make it easier for mobile game studios that lack the experience, ability, or funding to develop visually attractive HTML5-based games.

So far, the company has developed more than 1,000 HTML5 playable ads for over 500 mobile game studios, in line with their user acquisition growth strategy. Additionally, H5 Games’ early adopters include France-based mobile game studio Madbox.

Among the reasons behind the Playable Factory's launch of H5 Games is Apple's app tracking transparency (ATT) policy, as they stated. Seemingly, mobile game studios’ urge to discover additional revenue streams that came with ATT brings with it the demand for porting mobile games to social platforms in HTML5 format.

Quality is the key

Playable Factory CEO and co-founder Gökçe Nur Oguz commented: “For too long, the mobile games industry has put up with low rent HTML5 solutions for Unity games. This has come into much sharper focus as user acquisition has become more challenging on iOS and greater numbers of companies look to publish their games on multiple platforms.”

“As a company with years of creative and technical experience, and one of the best HTML5 development teams in the business, we chose to step up to the plate. We’re thrilled to be launching a service that will ensure mobile games retain their original quality of experience across all platforms.”

Paul-César Elie, head of finance & partnerships at Madbox, added: “At Madbox we are genuine content makers. We aim to offer unique gaming experiences to all our players. HTML5 is for us a great leverage to share our games on a wide range of platforms. The expertise of Playable Factory on HTML5 and the quality of their production is key to support Madbox ambition in this regard.”

Earlier this year, Playable Factory launched Gearbox Video, a tool that aims to simplify video creation of mobile apps, and the firm's CEO, Gökçe Nur Oğuz, spoke with on how women were flourishing in the Turkish games industry as part of our International Women's Day coverage.