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Playmob launches playable ad What's Missing? as part of Global Goals Week

Teaches players what they can do to make the world a better place
Playmob launches playable ad What's Missing? as part of Global Goals Week
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Games-for-good platform Playmob has launched a new game at the UN General Assembly in New York to support the Sustainable Development Goals campaign.

The game, What's Missing?, will appear in ads and is available to play in a browser. It uses puzzles and quizzes to inform players of simple ways that they can improve the world.

Playmob partnered with Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales to release the game. It has been launched in conjunction with Global Goals Week, which aims to raise awareness of what needs to be done to improve the planet.

Untapped force for good

"Gaming is a huge untapped force for good. When people play games they are highly focused and engaged, but also remain passionate about doing good. We are excited about harnessing the power of the gaming community and turning it into meaningful action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals," said Jude Ower, Founder and CEO, Playmob.

"In the spirit of games innovating for good and making the world a better place, our friends at Niantic also announced they will be giving Pokémon GO players an in-game Global Goals t-shirt for their avatars to help drive awareness around the initiative."

Playmob's last partnership was with We Are The Oceans back in June 2017. The game, Island Nation Defense, was designed to raise awareness of climate change's effects on small island nations.