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PlayStation hiring for new Head of Mobile

To adapt PlayStation IPs to mobile
PlayStation hiring for new Head of Mobile
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It would appear as though PlayStation is ready to double down on its mobile division as it seeks a new head of for the department.

As detailed in the job description, the successful candidate will be tasked with "successfully adapting PlayStation's most popular franchises for mobile."

"You will be responsible for building and scaling a team of mobile leaders and will serve as the Head of this new business unit within PlayStation Studios," reads the description.

However, it is not yet clear as to what franchises will get the mobile treatment, given the head of mobile will need to confer with PlayStation Studios leaders on a roadmap.

The three-to-five-year plan will coincide with a business plan of the same time scale, which will feature growth targets and KPIs.

Mobile intentions

Earlier this year, it became apparent that PlayStation was ready to ramp up its mobile efforts as it looked to hire a new mobile producer for its European arm.

Currently, there is a mobile-focused division dubbed PlayStation Mobile, which has released several games based on famous PlayStation IPs.

Uncharted was one of the first big-name IPs to receive the smartphone treatment with Uncharted: Fortune Hunter in 2016. Next to this, an AR title was released based on God of War in April 2018.

There is a range of PlayStation exclusive IPs that are yet to make the leap to mobile. The Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank and Horizon Zero Dawn, to name a few. Perhaps they will come to smartphones in the future.