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Pocket Gamer Connects London: what to look out for on day one

Choice panels including Amazon Web Services, Facebook Gaming, and Unity
Pocket Gamer Connects London: what to look out for on day one
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It's the first day of Pocket Gamer Connects London, and we have eight packed tracks of discussions, presentations, and panels on day one. You can see the full schedule here, but we wanted to flag a selection of what to keep an eye out for.

Track 1: Developer Toolkit and Ad Insights

What If Analysis, Guy Bar Sade, Simpool
Finding the optimal game economy balance is one the most difficult missions on game development. Applying advanced machine learning and predictive analytics into game design processes is the future of game design presence.

Game Production in the Cloud, Andy Payne, Amazon Web Services
Studio-centric infrastructure can make distributed development a challenge, IP security is a constant worry, and storage and computing requirements can be extreme. Payne will highlight four development processes that studios are running in the cloud: content creation, version control, build pipeline, and testing and review

Reimagining Games Advertising, Cheryl Savage, Facebook Gaming at Meta (DIGITAL)
An overview of what’s happening in the industry with regards to privacy and data, its impact on the ads ecosystem, what Meta is building for performance, and what gaming businesses need to consider for the future for marketing

Scale for Success: A Developer's Guide on UA Strategy & DSP Partnerships, William Melzer, Moloco
In this session, attendees will learn why DSP partnerships are so crucial when it comes to scaling for success. The discussion will also touch upon how a DSP can help you achieve your ultimate KPIs and what to expect during the entire process.

Track 2: Global Trends, Show Me The Money, and Blockchain Basics

How Much are You Worth: How to Accurately Value Your Studio & Game, moderated by Simon Prytherch, gamigo group
Whether you are in talks around M&A or approaching a publishing company for the first time, our panellists will discuss the best tips and tricks to ensure you know your worth.

How to get Yourself Sued, Paolo Caldato, Spencer West
So often, papering the deal plays second fiddle to doing the deal, with the result that the contract does not fully reflect what the parties believe that they have agreed. This session takes a look at the things that can go wrong in today’s tech contracts and how to deal with them.

State of Mobile Gaming 2022, Karl Knights, App Annie
2022 is set to blow past records in a transformed economy reliant on digital socialization, hybrid work and entertainment. Discover the latest trends in gaming, the apps that topped the charts by downloads, consumer spend and active users and learn actionable insights to form your corporate strategy and refine your gaming roadmap.

Turn up the Volume: Let Your Users PlayOn With In-game Audio Ads, Amit Monheit, Odeeo
Mobile gaming is heavily monetised through ads, and the experience may be considered aggressive and intrusive. Audio is the perfect companion, allowing users minimal interruptions while still allowing publishers to successfully monetise their apps and access budgets from leading global brands.

What Does the Future Hold for Blockchain Gaming, moderated by Brian Baglow, Steel Media
In this panel, industry executives at the forefront of blockchain gaming and NFTs will discuss new opportunities to games, staying power, overcoming environmental impact to fraud, and the turning point for growth to mainstream audiences.

Track 3: New Market Monetiser and Game Booster

Unity Mediation: Monetisation That Grows With You, Andrew Brock, Unity
The one constant theme in the world of monetization is change. This session will discuss how priorities and plans can shift when growing your game and what is important when thinking about your monetisation strategies and partners.

Games Subscriptions: Publisher & Platform Strategies, Louise Shorthouse, Ampere Analysis
This presentation will examine the landscape of games content subscription services. Themes will include publisher strategies, evolution of the content landscape, download versus streaming, what Netflix Games means for the industry, and consumer insights.

Even More Creative Digital Play – Turning Players into Creators, Parin Shah, LEGO Ventures
Even on a platform like Roblox, few players are meaningful creators. The next generation of platforms will empower players with tools that can give them creative “superpowers” to create better and more engaging experiences in an enhanced way. What will these platforms look like and what opportunities they can unlock?

Building for the TikTok Generation, Tara Louise Reddy, Loveshark
How we work with Gen Z to create social games that resonate with them

Track 4: Marketing Mavens, CFO Insider, ASO Insights, and Industry V&V

Influencer Marketing is Easy... Right? How to Use Influencers Effectively to Drive Interest in Your Game, Mitsouko Anderson, Morgan Sports Law
Influencer marketing has become a powerful and prevalent tool. This talk will cover the "dos and donts" of influencer marketing for game developers/publishers, what to look for in the influencers you work with, and how to maximise interest in your game

Building a Scale-up Financial Model, Martin Macmillan, Pollen VC
This session will explore building a sophisticated model that CFOs and Founders can use to plan their scale up phase. The talk will cover UA and influencer channels, pre-flight scaling checklist, and ROAS and LTV modelling among many other areas.

Introduction to the Chinese Android Market, Mikael Leinonen, MyGamez
China’s Android market is the largest and perhaps the most complex mobile gaming market in the world. You’ll learn the most important application stores and interesting newcomers, how the stores differ from Google Play and from each other, user acquisition, business models, and more.

Melanin Gamers: Inspiring the Future Generation, Annabel Ashley-Anthony, Melanin Gamers
Annabel will give a talk on how Melanin Gamers is working with different organisations and schools to inspire the next generation of gamers, content creators and industry professionals.

Pocket Gamer Connects London digital ticket holders can watch the full range of panels here, and it’s not too late to register and watch the experts live.