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Pokemon Go update will add new AR camera functionality

Coming very soon
Pokemon Go update will add new AR camera functionality

Pokemon Go is set to receive a new augmented reality photo mode named Snapshot.

Previously players were only able to take photos of the pocket monsters once they had encountered them in the wild. With this new update, trainers will be able to take images of their favourite pokemon at any time as long as they have captured it.

The feature has been long-requested by fans and has been in development since last year. Niantic said users would be able to start using the new photo mode “soon”.

Pokemon Snap

“We’ve been inspired by the incredible photos trainers have taken in AR+ mode and exploring new ways to further bridge the digital and physical worlds through Niantic’s enhanced AR technologies,” said Niantic product manager Ryuta Hiroi.

“With the addition of GO Snapshot in Pokemon Go, millions of trainers worldwide will soon be able to experience a whole new level of augmented reality power, connecting with their favorite pokemon in the real world like never before."

Last month Pokemon Go developer Niantic picked up two awards at the Pocket Gamer Mobile Game Awards 2019 in association with Game Insight. It took home Best Live Ops for Pokemon Go and another for the Best Technological Innovation for the Real World Platform.