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Update: Pokemon Home rolls out on mobile and Switch for $15.99 a year

Free version offers 30 Pokemon while premium goes up to 6,000
Update: Pokemon Home rolls out on mobile and Switch for $15.99 a year
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Update: The Pokemon Company has begun rolling out Pokemon Home worldwide.

The cloud service companion app is available to download on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. Those installing on mobile will have access to the Global Trade Station, a feature that lets trainers trade globally with other players.

Furthermore, mobile users will be presented with mystery gifts when booting up the app for the first time, with more expected to arrive in future.

Original Story: The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have revealed new details surrounding the cloud service app Pokemon Home.

Pokemon Home will allow trainers to transfer Pokemon from linked Pokemon series games and place them in storage within the cloud or move them to compatible titles.

Players will need to link the same Nintendo Account to both the Nintendo Switch and mobile version to access the same Pokemon.

First month free

The service will be free for the first month on launch before charging $15.99 a year for the privilege, with further options available for 30 days ($2.99) and 90 days ($4.99) too.

The free version lets players store up to 30 Pokemon maximum while the premium version has a limit of 6,000. The Nintendo Switch version will support connectivity with Pokemon Sword and Shield as well as Pokemon Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee.

See below for the differences between the free and premium version:

Both the Switch and mobile versions will be able to trade with Pokemon Bank on the 3DS, a long-requested feature from fans. However, this action can only be done one way, so if a Pokemon is moved from the 3DS to Switch, it cannot be undone.

Pokemon Go TBD

Support for Pokemon Go will be introduced further down the line with the functionality currently still in development.

The Pokemon Bank replacement app was unveiled at a press conference in Japan back in May 2019, where several products were shown off the first time, including Pokemon Masters and the yet to be released Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon Home will launch in February 2020 on iOS and Android devices as well as Nintendo Switch. For more information concerning Pokemon Home, trainers can visit the official site.

Recently a Pokemon Direct took place with a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game revealed for Switch, as well as an expansion pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield.