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Priori Data's Anders Lykke on the five traits for a successful indie game

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Priori Data's Anders Lykke on the five traits for a successful indie game
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Anders Lykke, Head of Sales at Priori Data, took to the stage at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2016 to talk about the five traits of a successful indie game, as found by the company's data.

Lykke says that Priori tends not to focus on the top 200 apps, as it doesn't show a true example of what's happening in the store, so they look instead at the other 450,000 or so games that aren't doing as well.

He went on to say that while games began as a creative industry, and is still fuelled largely by creativity, but the business aspect is being largely ignored, which led neatly into his five traits for a successful game.

The first trait was having a "data wizard" who can look at the analytics and know what they're looking at, which has reportedly helped to increase growth thirty times over.

Secondly, successful games are soft-launched so that data can be collected in the first place, which, thirdly, can then be used to identify which markets are interesting and will make you the most money.

This leads to the fourth trait, that the game has a realistic benchmark, rather than trying to reach the top of the charts but instead can land somewhere in the top 200 in a specific category.

This finally leads to being able to answer the questions that will help you grow more, such as who is playing the game, how much they're spending, and what you can do to get them to spend more.