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PUBG Corp is bringing PUBG Mobile back to India

Changes have been made to create PUBG Mobile India
PUBG Corp is bringing PUBG Mobile back to India

PUBG Corp is geared up to release PUBG Mobile India.

The new version of the popular battle royale title has been designed specifically for the Indian market.

Earlier this year, as part of a wave of bans by India's government, PUBG Mobile was removed from the country due to its association with Chinese tech giant Tencent.

However, as a result, Tencent relinquished its publishing rights to the battle royale in India to PUBG Corp.

India specific

To ensure that the game meets the country's standards, and keeps the security of Indian players high, the company will hold regular audits.

Moreover, the gameplay has been made to be authentic to an Indian audience. For example, the game will now begin in a virtual simulator, and players will start fully clothed. Furthermore, there will be a feature to restrict game time for young users.

Also, PUBG Corp will create an Indian branch, with a team of 100 employees that specialise in business, esports and games development.

On top of this, PUBG Corp's parent company, Krafton, will invest $100 million in India's games and tech industries.