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Qualcomm unveils iOS support for Augmented Reality SDK

Multiple operating systems in line
Qualcomm unveils iOS support for Augmented Reality SDK
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Though mainly an attempt to drive the take up of AR technology, the launch of Qualcomm's Augmented Reality SDK on Android back in October was also a tacit attempt to increase demand for its Snapdragon chipsets.

The reasoning was that developers utilising the SDK would create processor intensive apps, populating Android with content that Snapdragon-equipped devices would run best.

But there's no such thinking behind launching the SDK on iOS, given Apple's handsets are Snapdragon free. 

Rolling out reality

Instead, the company says its launch is an attempt to further accelerate the uptake of AR apps.

"We realise it is a complex ecosystem with multiple operating systems," said Qualcomm's senior director of business development, Jay Wright.

"Developers need tools and technology that address that challenge.

"Android was a logical starting point because of developer momentum and Snapdragon penetration. Moving forward we will support additional operating systems."

The SDK is set to officially launch for free in July - interestingly, reportedly through an Austrian subsidiary rather than direct from Qualcomm itself.

Logic suggests that many of the apps that utilised the technology on Android including those that arose from development challenges sponsored by the firm - may use the tools to port to iPhone and iPad in the coming months.

[source: All Things Digital]