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Ready Games goes live with NFTs in Icon: Avatar Fashion Metaverse

Epik is the exclusive NFT technology provider
Ready Games goes live with NFTs in Icon: Avatar Fashion Metaverse
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Ready Games Network has announced a new partnership with Epik, enabling gamers to produce NFTs from virtual in-game assets.

Ready Games is a hypercasual social gaming platform with over a million users, and Epik’s blockchain infrastructure for NFT interoperability will be used across all of its titles.

The companies have collaborated to integrate this technology into the metaverse title ICON: Avatar Fashion Metaverse, which recently launched.

Create and sell

Epik Prime’s NFT infrastructure also enables the sale of limited edition NFTs and digital collectables across games.

The partnership will enable brands, artists and others to turn unique intellectual properties into fashion canvases.

The uniqueness of Ready Games Network with Epik Prime integration is in its ability to enable NFTs for a whole ecosystem of games, not just a single game title.

Digital platforms with Epik keep total creative freedom over the ecosystem and have no long-term licensing contract.


“We are creating a mobile-first experience that enables gamers everywhere to participate in a virtual goods economy, while fully democratizing the experience and putting control and ownership in the hands of our users,” said Christina Macedo, COO of Ready Games.

“Our vision is to have virtual goods transferable and usable across our entire network of games. Thanks to EPIK, we are one step closer to true interoperability.”

A recent collaboration with Epik was Gameloft’s Asphalt 9, one of the world’s largest mobile games downloaded more than 1 billion times.