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Real rewards network P4RC makes social gaming play

Adds micro-tournaments feature
Real rewards network P4RC makes social gaming play

Having handed out $30,000 worth of prizes to players via its real rewards network, P4RC has decided to make a move on the social gaming scene.

The firm has updated its plug-in to unify games using the platform, allowing players to challenge their friends via user generated 'micro-tournaments' to win P4RC's virtual currency.

Win with friends

Said currency can then be exchanged for prizes in P4RC's real rewards marketplace, enabling players to earn awards in an additional way.

"With P4RC, any game can benefit from the same social leverage that drove titles such as Words with Friends and Draw Something to the top of the charts," said founder and CEO Jason Seldon.

"By providing incentives for social game play, P4RC drives viral social growth for our game development partners."

The firm claims a total of 25 iOS games have already signed up for the updated service, reaching out to a total of 20 million players.

[source: PRWeb]