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Report: 46 per cent of all gamers are female

The majority of gamers are above 20 years of age
Report: 46 per cent of all gamers are female
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Roughly 46 per cent of game enthusiasts are female, according to a new report from Newzoo.

Not only that, but 40 per cent of core gamers are also female compared to the 60 per cent that is male. However, when it comes to viewership or watching games related content more than playing themselves, 49 per cent are female. As such, this new research demonstrates that the stigma surrounding games – mostly teenage males – is not accurate.

In fact, a majority of gamers are actually in the 21-to-30 age bracket at 27 per cent; this number increases to 34 per cent when you look at core players. Furthermore, the study shows that most game enthusiasts are at least 30, with the vast majority in full-time employment.


As shown in the research, most gamers are not, in fact, young unemployed males as believed by many. But rather, there is a nice diversity in the demographic, with gaming as a hobby being split almost evenly between genders and those in the higher age groups also divulging in games.

In a previous report, Newzoo found that there will be around 2.5 billion mobile gamers by the end of 2020. However, the overall gamer count is expected to hit three billion by 2023.