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Newzoo forms partnership with Apptopia

"Together, we aim to create unique and valuable insights into the world of mobile games and beyond"
Newzoo forms partnership with Apptopia

Games and esports data firm Newzoo has formed a partnership with mobile app intelligence firm Apptopia.

Through the collaboration, Apptopia's mobile data will be combined with the industry insights of Newzoo. As such, brands, games developers, media, financial and tech firms will be able to navigate the world of mobile better.

For example, data provided by Apptopia will allow companies to track fastest-growing apps, as well as what is trending by both title and the studio.

Therefore, those that use Newzoo's platform will gain access to valuable insights across all games platforms.

"People play games on a multitude of platforms, which means that brands and publishers need the most complete view of the gaming ecosystem.", said Apptopia co-founder and COO Jonathan Kay.

"We're happy to be part of the solution through partnering with Newzoo, and we're looking forward to meeting this market challenge together."

Stronger together

Moreover, through this partnership, Newzoo's Global Mobile Market report will not only have strengthened data on mobile trends, but it will also look at mobile ad revenues. The 2021 version of the insights is expected to be released later this year, in collaboration with Apptopia.

"I'm delighted that we are teaming up with Apptopia.", said Newzoo director of data and analytics Marenco Kemp.

"Newzoo is the go-to partner for games market data and insights, while Apptopia is the go-to source for mobile app intelligence. Together, we aim to create unique and valuable insights into the world of mobile games and beyond.

"We confidently chose Apptopia thanks to their accuracy, data breadth, and overall passion for building great products."

Last month, Newzoo revealed what five mobile gaming trends should be kept an eye on in 2021.