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Newzoo teams with Reddit for games engagment data

"Gaming communities on Reddit are incredibly engaged"
Newzoo teams with Reddit for games engagment data

Games analytics specialist Newzoo has formed a partnership with Reddit.

The new partnership will combine Newzoo's data with community insights through the social platform. As a result, the data company will have access to more information on games consumer engagement.

"Gaming communities on Reddit are incredibly engaged, and we believe that partnering with Newzoo will empower those in the games market to access critical community insights," said Reddit's senior director of business development, Alex Riccomini. 

"This is Reddit's first dedicated data partnership in the gaming space, and we look forward to delivering a deeper view of Reddit's communities to game developers, publishers, and brands together with Newzoo."

Reddit has 430 million monthly active users, and this provides the platform with plenty of data on games engagement.

At first, users will be able to look at the engagement across some of the biggest games subreddits which are determined through various data such as total subscribers, posts per day and comments each day.

"Common practice"

"Tracking game IP popularity across traditional social platforms is common practice in the games business. Working together with Reddit, however, we're going beyond that, developing new insights that aren't available anywhere else.", said Newzoo co-founder and CEO, Peter Warman.

"It's by far the most preferred platform of the largest and most vocal gaming communities, and our partnership is key in our objective to provide a 360° view on game engagement. I'm particularly excited to see the Reddit insights add even more value to our Newzoo Pro service, which is used by startups, developers, agencies, consultants, consumer brands, and investors."

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