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Report: Nintendo could be hosting a Direct this month

Possibly on July 20th
Report: Nintendo could be hosting a Direct this month

Nintendo could be set to host a Direct digital showcase later this month.

As reported by VGC, an industry insider, Kelios, took to the Resetera forum with claims that a Nintendo Direct might take place on July 20th. Usually, the Japanese firm would hold a showcase as part of E3 as it had done since 2013.

Kelios has previously correctly leaked the timings of other Directs, including the Direct Mini in March 2020. It also seems likely as Nintendo has no other major releases slated for 2020 beyond Paper Mario: The Origami King, which launches on July 17th.

However, this year Nintendo appeared to have opted out of a major announcement, as it was reported back in May that the company had no plans to host a Direct for the foreseeable future. Moreover, in a recent Q&A with investors, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa explained that "Nintendo also has no plans for any such events."

"We think the Nintendo Direct format is very effective for us to directly and clearly convey information about games to consumers. On the other hand, as the times change, the most effective ways of conveying information can also change, so I think we should always be looking for the best ways of communicating," said Furukawa.

Back on track

While the future of Directs may be up in the air, or possibly back on track should the reports be true, the production of the Nintendo Switch has bounced back following the issues faced earlier this year.

Production for the console was affected by the global coronavirus pandemic. Due to people being stuck at home, there was an increased demand in hardware. However, Nintendo was unable to deliver. Furthermore, several bots were used to purchase the Switch when they were available, only to be sold at an inflated price.