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Report: Non-gaming apps are at higher risk of install fraud

Games are more susceptible to in-app fraud
Report: Non-gaming apps are at higher risk of install fraud

Mobile games apps face less risk of install fraud than those that are non-gaming, according to a new report from AppsFlyer.

Approximately every one in four non-organic installs are fraudulent amongst non-gaming apps, while it sits at just 3.8 per cent for games overall. However, while the games may have less problems through downloads, they experience twice as much in-app fraud.

Despite advertisers that use mobile games being equipped with effective tools, the games market still faces around $95 million exposed to fraud.

At 62 per cent, bots account for the majority of fraud attacks. However, this does not translate into the games sector, as install hijacking has proven to be the biggest issue in hypercasual titles, being responsible for 59 per cent of cases.

High damage potential

"Even though the mobile ad industry has grown exponentially to defend itself properly against ad fraud, the potential amount of damage is still extremely high and fraudsters will always want a piece of the pie," said AppsFlyer vice president for enterprise strategy Doug McMillen.

"With businesses and consumers continuing to turn to mobile apps for daily tasks and entertainment, advertisers should remain vigilant in their efforts of leveraging these key insights around ad fraud in order to not only keep fraudsters at bay, but to also limit the amount of financial exposure as newer fraud methods appear."