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RIM is readying the BlackBerry Storm 2

Wifi and better text input on the cards
RIM is readying the BlackBerry Storm 2
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BlackBerry’s poster child, the Storm, took off quite well, apparently shifting around 500,000 units in its first month. But problems with usability and, more importantly, reliability, have all but killed the handset just as RIM launches the BlackBerry App World.

Dutch site Tweakers has been listening to RIM channel sales manager Segond von Banchet, however, who’s given up a couple of details on the hardware sequel (currently being tagged as the Storm 2, for want of a better name).

He’s quoted speaking at the TeleVisie 2009 Expos, saying the Storm 2 will offer “(…)among other things a new manner to input text”. Rectifying the push button styling of the previous model, and the lack of wifi a glaring omission from the Storm seem to be a priority for the new model, both of which will help with access to the new App World.

It’s also being reported that carrier KPN will take over the exclusivity from Vodafone, though there’s every chance that after the problems with the Storm, it’s Vodafone that’s being the cautious one here.

The Storm 2 is expected at the end of this year or the beginning of 2010.