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Samsung invites developers to tuck into bada with free e-book

Recipes aplenty on offer
Samsung invites developers to tuck into bada with free e-book
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There's a distinctly warm feel to Samsung's efforts to big up bada - regular blog updates detailing its feature set, developer days designed to entice the industry and in its latest move a handy guide to lay open any tips and tricks.

Indeed, consisting of what Samsung describes as recipes, the guide is being delivered in four handy free PDFs that will also be combined into a full book release 'Introduction to bada: A Developer's Guide' itself due to hit the shelves in September.

Building for bada

"This e-book is essential reading for anyone developing with bada, with even experienced developers able to learn a trick or two from the many recipes providing useful code snippets," Samsung says on the bada Developers blog.

Available via Wiley, the guide comes with basic tips regarding how to get an app up and running, as well as focusing on making software look attractive and fit the user interface.

"This book will give you the information you need for developing great applications with Samsung's powerful and well-abstracted SDK," the blog entry continues.

"You'll find out more about bada’s highly-efficient runtime and programming language capabilities, the seamless integration of service-centric features on the bada Server and also get to grips with powerful tools like the simulator and event injector."

Developers can also register for the full book release via Amazon, for a cost of just over £28.

[source: Samsung]