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Samsung launches monthly budget busting games and apps promotion

Buffs up TapTapShooter 2in1 and Rescue! Stick Heroes
Samsung launches monthly budget busting games and apps promotion

With the Samsung Apps store almost a year old, the company is ensuring owners of supported devices keep coming back for more.

It's just announced its first most useful list of apps and games priced at the minimum £1 or local equivalent.

Two games are included, although in their different ways, they underline the difficulties inherent in Samsung's cross-platform approach.

For example, Hotdog Studio's bada-only arcade actioneer TapTapShooter 2in1, doesn't seem to be available in the UK (see link to Australian store), while innodis' Rescue! Stick Heroes, is a Windows Mobile game, only available for the Omnia II phone (UK link).

Tasty and cheap as chips

Nevertheless, Samsung will be highlighting these games, as well as other apps, through its upcoming £1 application promotion, which will take place once a month via features and promotional banners on the Samsung Apps website, and the Kies desktop utility.

"Samsung Apps is not only providing top-notch free applications; our paid apps, especially in the £1 price point, are proving to be a hot commodity as well," said Kanghyun Kwon, vice president, Media Solutions Center, Samsung Electronics.

"The apps provide elements that are highly useful, practical and entertaining - and they're affordable."