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Second US Judge protects TikTok from Trump administration

The decision can be appealed on December 14th
Second US Judge protects TikTok from Trump administration

A second US judge has backed TikTok by awarding the short-form clip app preliminary injunction.

As reported by Reuters, US District Judge Carl Nichols made the call to protect the Chinese company, much like Judge Wendy Beetlestone did.

Therefore, TikTok can continue its operations in the US, despite the executive order signed by US President Donald Trump in August. Should the politician have had his way, TikTok would have been banned in the US on November 12th.

For months, the ByteDance-owned app has been in talks with Walmart and Oracle to divest its US operations, due to pressure from Trump.

See you in court

In September, Judge Nichols offered TikTok temporary protection against the download ban that Trump's administration was seeking. In essence, new downloads would not have been permitted on the App Store or Google Play.

However, the US government will have its chance to overturn Judge Nichols' decision in an appeals court on December 14th.