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Sensor Tower: Epic Games’ Fortnite makes $1.2m a day for November on iOS alone

The battle royale has now made $385 million from iOS
Sensor Tower: Epic Games’ Fortnite makes $1.2m a day for November on iOS alone

Battle royale hit Fornite netted developer Epic Games$1.2 million a day in November on iOS alone.

According to Sensor Tower, the battle royale game made $37 million for the month on the whole and has now earned over $385 million from the iOS version.

Sensor Tower then goes on to say that the game is set for another jolt of player spending as season seven is due to start soon, which will bring with it another battle pass and a slew of cosmetics. 

When season six of Fortnite launched the game pulled in $17.6 million during the first week, which was an increase of 41 per cent over the week prior.

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Fornite was the seventh highest ranked game on iOS last month regarding worldwide revenue.

It also hit the top spot in the US for the eighth consecutive month, which has proven to be its most lucrative market with 64 per cent of player spending hailing from the country.

The news follows the popular battle royale title hitting 200 million players across all platforms, which is a 60 per cent increase in players since the last official count in June of this year. At that point, the title had 125 million users.

Epic Games also recently revealed that it would be opening its retail platform. The headline feature on the storefront is competitive revenue share terms which will see developers keep 88 per cent of cash made from games, with12 per cent going to Epic.