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SG&VGF 2013: If you're big on Facebook, we'll make you big on mobile

#MGF2013 Social success breeds mobile success
SG&VGF 2013: If you're big on Facebook, we'll make you big on mobile
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"If you're big on Facebook, we will make you big on mobile," promised Facebook's Akin Babayigit during his session at the Social Games & Virtual Goods Forum 2013 in London.

Citing as a prime example, Babayigit claimed that popularity on Facebook can lead organically to success on mobile without the need for a big marketing spend.

"And this is not unique to," he continued. Other developers have translated social success to mobile growth by just directing their existing Facebook fans to their mobile apps, often with something as simple as banner ad.

Ad up

Babayigit was also keen to talk up Facebook's mobile app install ads a unit resembling an organic story that appears in the news feed of Facebook's mobile users.

Supercell has made extensive use of this product, according to Babayigit, and it can apparently have a significant effect on App Store rankings.

Through these ads, and its App Center too, Facebook drives people to the App Store and Google Play more than 180 million times each month.

Better connected

Facebook log-ins for mobile games may be less novel, but to hear Babayigit tell it, they can be extremely effective.

In Wooga's Diamond Dash, for instance, 64 percent of players connect to their Facebook accounts. These players are eight times more likely to spend in game.

And Babayigit was keen to stress that at any time, "six to eight of the top ten grossing iOS apps are Facebok connected" in the US App Store.