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SGN's iPhone games rack up 4.5m downloads

iBowl, iGolf and co are doing pretty well
SGN's iPhone games rack up 4.5m downloads
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Social Gaming Network (SGN) has announced that its suite of iPhone games have generated more than 4.5 million downloads since its first title launched in September.

The games are all free, and there are currently five titles available: iBowl, iGolf, iBaseball, iBasketball and iFun.

Apple named iBowl as the fourth most popular free iPhone game of 2008 this week, too.

SGN has focused on working the Wii-like angle with its motion-controlled games, which are clearly proving popular (despite the likelihood of gamers flinging their iPhones through the nearest window accidentally).

What will be interesting in 2009 is how SGN brings more of the social aspects seen in its Facebook apps to its iPhone game range.

And, of course, whether they find a way to kick your iPhone for an iFootball title...