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Shanda Games Europe announces first mobile release

Rhinesoft's Happy Tribes inbound
Shanda Games Europe announces first mobile release

Shanda Games' mobile activity is growing fast in China and Asia.

Indeed, it's had a big success with Square Enix's Million Arthur, which was developed by Shanda's Korean subsidiary Actoz Soft.

And it's hoping to repeat that success with its licensing deal for Sega's Chain Chronicle.

Its ambitions aren't limited to Asia, however.

Its European division Shanda Games International Europe has just announced it's releasing its first mobile game.

Breaking mobile

Based in Berlin, and currently operating online PC games like Dragon Nest,  it's signed a deal with Chinese developer Rhinesoft's to publish Happy Tribes.

The free-to-play nation-building simulator will be released for iOS and Android devices in May.

"Shanda Games International Europe's goal for the next years is to continuously bring exciting online and mobile games from China and Korea to Europe, while at the same time helping western developers in gaining access to the Asian market," commended MD Coco Chen.