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Simple marketing tricks for indie devs

Getting noticed and getting downloaded
Simple marketing tricks for indie devs
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As part of Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore 2015, Oscar Clark, a consultant and evangelist at Unity Technologies, led a panel of developers in a discussion of simple marketing techniques for indie developers.

He was joined by Mike Hines, a developer evangelist with Amazon; Stephen Andrews, team leader in Business Development at Dot Com Infoway; and Shawn Xu, head of International and Business Development at Vungle.

Interact with your users

Hines suggested streaming development on a game while it's being made, as it allows people to interact with the development and will intrigue them into playing the game when it's launched.

As well as this, Xu recommended focusing on relatively small elements of the game, especially the app store icon, which can drive away users if it's poorly designed.


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