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Singular launches marketing measurement platform Private Cloud

Following an 18-month private beta
Singular launches marketing measurement platform Private Cloud

Marketing solutions firm Singular has launched marketing measurement platform Singular Private Cloud, following an 18-month private beta test.

Private Cloud will allow mobile brands to control their marketing measurement and user data in an environment owned by them, enabling management of the collection, hosting, and processing of sensitive marketing data.

The length of time that user data is retained is able to be established by privacy teams, as are other privacy rules, whilst maintaining compliance with government data privacy regulations.

Furthermore, Private Cloud enables users to perform marketing analytics, cost aggregation, mobile attribution, and fraud prevention.

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"We were the first to launch support for privacy-safe marketing measurement via SKAdNetwork because we believe the future of attribution is safe, secure, and privacy-compliant," said Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv.

"We’ve been working on Singular Private Cloud for almost as long to give major mobile brands full access and control to the best marketing measurement capability in the industry in their own environments and under their own supervision."

The sharing and accessing of datasets can be done by advertisers and media partners whilst keeping control of said datasets on the Singular Private Cloud, and marketing analytics can also be performed on it.

Singular vice president of product, Alon Nafta, added: "Singular Private Cloud allows us to truly cater to a brand’s specific privacy needs and establish complete trust on how data is collected, stored, and shared. One company may want its user data to have a shorter lifespan, and another company may want all IPs and User IDs hashed. This allows us to do it all."

Recently, Singular particiapted in an Series A funding round for Homa Games led by Northzone, which raised $50 million which Homa will use to scale its hypercasual offferings.