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Social gaming platform Piepacker raises $12 million for mobile expansion

Backed by Lego Ventures
Social gaming platform Piepacker raises $12 million for mobile expansion
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Oct 21, 2021 investment Lego Ventures Makers Fund Piepacker $12m
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Cloud-based social gaming platform Piepacker has raised $12 million following a Series A funding round.

The funding round was led by Lego Ventures and included additional investment from long-term investors Makers Fund and V13 Invest alongside others.

The round brings Piepacker’s total capital raised in 2021 to $15 million, following a seed round that raised $3 million.

Piepacker allows users to play official and licensed retro games through its free online platform via web browser.

Its current free catalogue offers over 80 games with partnerships including Codemasters, Interplay, Team17, and Data East.

The platform entered development in March 2020, following a Kickstarter campaign that raised $220,000.

Accessible to everyone

"We created Piepacker to offer a social and low tech-friendly cloud gaming platform," said Piepacker CEO Benjamin Devienne.

"We designed it to be accessible to everyone: available directly from a web browser, it does not require a high-speed internet connection to provide a seamless multiplayer game experience."

Piepacker will use the funding to support further growth of the platform to more devices and territories and focus on its core social experience.

Additionally, beyond increasing the number of new modern and classic retro games in its catalogue, Piepacker will bring board games, card games and party games to its community.

Devienne further added: "Piepacker is all about bringing people together through games, with a touch of childhood playfulness and creativity. It was a natural step to choose Lego Ventures as a catalyst and key advisor for our growth model. Lego’s DNA and philosophy resonate perfectly with our vision."


Commenting on the funding round, Lego Ventures managing director of digital play Rob Lowe added: "At Lego Ventures we invest in the future of education and digital play, exploring the Lego idea of learning through play. This is very much in tune with the vision of Piepacker and its future ambitions."

Looking forward, Piepacker aims to grow beyond retro games, with plans to "experiment" with new content genres and interactive experiences.

The beta for Piepacker is currently available to the public and is approaching the 500,000 users mark.