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Social surge: PlayPhone adds 500 developers in 1 quarter

40 new games on board
Social surge: PlayPhone adds 500 developers in 1 quarter
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In the shadow of an Asian invasion, US-based social gaming specialist PlayPhone claims developers are joining its platform in droves, with 500 studios added during the last quarter alone.

In-house stats suggest PlayPhone's Social Gaming Network (PSGN) now has 200 games on board 40 additional games launching on the platform during the firm's third quarter ending 30 September.

Doing the maths

Such growth takes PSGN to a developer total of more than 3,500 a figure that, of course, means that at least less than 6 percent of studios signed up to the program have delivered a title to the network to date.

Nonetheless, the company claims developers are responding well to the continued evolution of the social platform, which stretches across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5.

"Now more than ever, the PlayPhone Social Gaming Network is becoming developers' go-to platform for games distribution on smartphones and tablets," said EVP of business development and strategic partnerships Anders Evju.

"We will continue to evolve the PlayPhone Social Gaming Network in an effort to build the best, most active social gaming network for both players and developers."