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20% of all first-party releases will be mobile by 2025, says Sony

Playstation CEO Jim Ryan also stated that 10% of first-party releases will be mobile within 2022
20% of all first-party releases will be mobile by 2025, says Sony
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Sony’s latest business segment briefing included a segment on "aggressive" growth plans for mobile, with an ambitious 20 per cent of first-party releases to be mobile by 2025.

The mobile segment, hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan, noted plans to leverage partnerships and build publishing and development possibilities within SIE.

Extending franchises to mobile is one of Sony’s goals, with internal studios are said to be building their mobile expertise and cross-platform expansions are possible "where relevant".

Ambitiously, the company projects that by the end of the current financial year, 10 per cent of its first-party game releases will be on mobile.

Leading with Lasengle

As Sony shifts from a console focus to one eagerly embracing mobile and PC, it will be working in tandem with a number of developers and studios. On mobile, these include Firesprite, Quatro A, Valkyrie Entertainment and more.

Lasengle, the developer behind the most successful Sony mobile game Fate/Grand Order (FGO) and a company formed under Delightworks, is said to be a principal figure in Sony’s mobile push. Aniplex acquired the games division of Delightworks earlier this year following an announcement last December.

Earlier in the year, Sony were recruiting for a vice president of mobile games, although this was to be be housed in the Sony Pictures arm and working on its game show IP.

Also in Sony's sights is the metaverse, with a $1 billion investment having recently been placed towards Epic Games’ development of it.