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Sony is developing a live action One Punch Man movie

It will be penned by Venom writers
Sony is developing a live action One Punch Man movie

Sony is set to develop a movie based on the manga and anime series One Punch Man.

As reported by Variety, the live action film will be penned by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner. They are known for writing Sony's hit anti-hero movie Venom. It will be produced by Arad Productions' Avi and Ari Arad.

Japanese artist One created the caped superhero in 2009. Six years later, an anime adaptation was created. It was first released in Japan in October 2015. However, the English dubbed version was released in 2016.

Over 30 million copies of the manga have been sold worldwide.

I need a hero

The story follows One Punch Man, a superhero that trained himself to the point of defeating enemies in a single punch. Over time, he grew tired of this and is actively seeking a greater challenge.

Chinese developer Oasis Games revealed it was working on a One Punch Man mobile title in June 2019. The game, One Punch Man: Road to Hero, was later released in August 2019.