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Sony Ericsson promotes its app store with accessibility

Apps approved in five days
Sony Ericsson promotes its app store with accessibility

Sony Ericsson is in the midst of a worldwide promotional tour aimed at selling its app store to developers.

Speaking with Mobile Entertainment, Christopher David, head of developer and partner engagement at Sony Ericsson, has hinted that the company aims to succeed where other app stores even Apple’s have failed.

"Our mantra is accessibility," he says. "We'll keep the barrier low with no submission fee or membership cost."

David also promises "tangible benefits for our partners to include access to tools, distribution, marketing and position."

Part of this is a promise to get apps approved and onto the portal in five days, something that would no doubt be of interest to a number of frustrated iPhone developers.

The Sony Ericsson store currently has around 150 apps live - "we're going for quality over quantity" David says -  with another 400 in the pipeline.

He also claims that 90 per cent of the apps that have been submitted have gained approval.

Wisely, Sony Ericsson appears to want to avoid a head-on confrontation with the iPhone, and is instead aiming to excel in areas where Apple's service is at its weakest.

[source: Mobile Entertainment]