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Sony launches Indie Games category on PlayStation Store

Showcasing innovation
Sony launches Indie Games category on PlayStation Store

Sony is adding a new category to the PlayStation Store to help indie games receive increased exposure.

The new Indie Games category will be added to the PlayStation Store on 7 May, and both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita owners will be able to access it.

The new category is another step in Sony's push to help its independent developer partners bring their games to market, and is no doubt spurred on by the success of several notable indie titles on the PSN lsuch as Guacamelee, Thomas Was Alone, and The Unfinished Swan.

Supporting multiple models

On the PlayStation Blog post that announced the Indie Games section, SCEE's Andrew Parsons notes that the Indie Games category will not be biased against monetisation models.

"…We're happy to work with everything from traditional buy-and-play games, to free-to-play" Parsons said, before quipping that, "We haven't asked you to trade in sheep for games yet, but I'm sure it'll come soon."

Of course, in addition to being listed in the new Indie Games category, indie games can still be found through normal channels.

[source: The PlayStation Blog]