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GameSparks to host first ever game jam on 24 September

12 hours to make a new game and win prizes
GameSparks to host first ever game jam on 24 September

Backend-as-a-service platform provider GameSparks is to host its first ever game jam in Dublin on 24 September 2016 in association with Dublin's Pulse College.

SparksJam will give developers 12 hours to create a game using whatever tools and technologies they desire. Developers can take part in the event either at the venue in Dublin or online.

"GameSparks is focused on removing roadblocks from the development process, and is passionate about enabling developers of all shapes and sizes to focus on what they do best, make great games," said GameSparks’ Engagement Manager, Dan Bergin-Holly.

"The GameSparks SparksJam will encourage developers to work together and get creative, generating some exciting projects and showcasing some of the top talent in the Irish development scene, in just 12 hours."

Put it to the vote

At the end of the jam, games will be uploaded to, where everyone can download and play the games before voting for their favourite to win.

Those who can't make it to Dublin, or just want to watch the game jam, can do so via a livestream on GameSpark's YouTube channel.

Developers interested in the game jam can register to take part on its event page.