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Speaker Spotlight: Hagop Hagopian of Appvertiser talks advertising opportunities

Pocket Gamer Connects London is coming 23-24 January 2023. Time to meet some of the leading industry names that will be on stage at the event
Speaker Spotlight: Hagop Hagopian of Appvertiser talks advertising opportunities

The leading games industry conference is almost here. Pocket Gamer Connects London is now less than one week away and what a line up of speakers we’ve got in store for you.

On January 23rd and 24th Pocket Gamer Connects hits home soil, returning to London for two days of insight sharing, and contact making interspersed with our world famous thought-provoking panels, seminars, keynotes and more.

There's limitless networking opportunities and our expert sessions are your chance to get up close and meet some of the biggest names in mobile games in what will be our biggest and best PG Connects London yet!

In the build up to the conference – and to give you a sneak preview of what to expect – we are spotlighting some of the authorities in the games industry that will be sharing their wisdom, today we speak to Hagop Hagopian, Founder & CEO of Appvertiser.

Hagop will be talking to us about increasing efficiency in advertising, including applications of SKAd 4.0. He’ll be talking to us about diversifying your campaigns and other ‘brandformance’ aspects.

Be sure to join us at PG Connects London on January 23rd to 24th 2023 to find out more!

Where are the next big opportunities in the mobile games market?

Interoperability not only in Web3 but also in Web2. Create your own universe through different games you own and connect them all together.

What is the most important trend - and why?

Since I'm in Media Buying and Growth Marketing, it will be SKAD 4.0 because it will facilitate media buying on iOS and improve the efficiency of Paid UA.

What do you enjoy most about working in the mobile games industry?

Being always the first in exploring the unknown and coming up with out of the box ideas!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received that you can pass on to others?

Train yourself to keep on working hard. The moment that you hit your first success, after climbing a mountain, you will continue to climb and achieve even further success. Because you are already training to work hard and keep on pushing.

Find out more about Pocket Gamer Connects London and get your tickets right here!