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Speaker Spotlight: Skystone Games’ Bill Wang on the post-pandemic industry boom

Meet the superstar experts that will be leading the conversation at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle, May 9-10
Speaker Spotlight: Skystone Games’ Bill Wang on the post-pandemic industry boom
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There are only a few weeks to go until Europe’s leading b2b conference for the mobile games industry descends upon the West Coast for networking galore, insightful discussions and good times – the anticipation is building! We could not be happier to share with you some of the incredible speakers that will be joining us to share their wisdom and expertise at our upcoming Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle next month.

This May 9-10, we are welcoming hundreds of the game industry’s finest speakers to share their expertise with us on 15 diverse topic tracks covering the most pressing issues facing the industry today. You can view our stellar speaker line-up so far here to get an idea of the level of incredible talent that will be joining us in Seattle. The immense wisdom and insight that our talented speakers bring to our conference is a major part of what makes ours the number one mobile gaming conference in Europe. To give you a sneak preview at what you can expect from our conference, we are spotlighting some of our most highly anticipated speakers to showcase the fantastic talent and top-tier businesses that will be sharing their insights with us next month.

To kick off our spotlight series, we spoke with the CEO of Skystone Games, Bill Wang. Skystone Games is a publisher Wang co-founded with David Brevik, the creator of Diablo and former President of Blizzard North. Prior to that, he founded Giant Games and Perfect World Entertainment. He invested in several acclaimed developers behind Torchlight, Subnautica, and Rebel Galaxy.

Join us at PG Connects Seattle on May 9-10 to hear Wang discuss all things indie gaming from the perspective of publishers. Tell us a bit about your company.
Bill Wang: Skystone Games is a multiplatform publisher built for global audiences.

What does your role entail?
I wear multiple hats from admin, HR, finance, business development, to management.

Why did you want to work in the games industry?
Gaming is a fun industry full of opportunities. Both large companies and small teams have a chance to make big hits. I meet great people from all over the world. I'm fortunate to work with talented and passionate developers to release great games that entertain millions of people.

What are your thoughts on the industry in the last 12 months?
The boom triggered by the pandemic will continue even after the pandemic subsides.

What major trends do you predict in the next 12 months?
We will see more blockchain games in the market

How has the games industry changed since you first started?
I have seen a lot of changes in the past two decades. For example, premium was the only business mode before free to play became mainstream. Now, play to earn is red hot. The user demographics have changed from young males to people at all ages.

Which part of the Connects event are you most looking forward to and why?
Interaction with industry peers.

Meet the experts in-person
There’s no place like Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle to connect with incredible industry leaders like Bill Wang. Don’t miss out on attending our West Coast conference this May – you can secure your spot now and save up to $175 with our Mid-Term discount if you act fast.