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44% of gamers would accept advertising in exchange for free services in the metaverse

Globant and YouGov polling reveals gradually escalating interest in advertising and play-to-earn models in the metaverese

44% of gamers would accept advertising in exchange for free services in the metaverse

A new survey by YouGov and Globant has examined the thoughts and opinions of 1,000 US gamers regarding the rise of the metaverse – although the survey explicitly excluded mobile-only players.

While the findings do apply to gamers who play on mobile devices in addition to console and PC, they aren’t representative of the mobile gaming community as a whole that has been more actively participating in metaverse platforms.

Play-to-earn interest in metaverse increasing

Around 35 per cent of respondents said they were comfortable with advertising within the metaspace, while 25 per cent were undecided and 46 per cent were uncomfortable with the idea.

However, 44 per cent stated that they would accept advertising if it meant they would be given free access to apps, games, and places within the game.

In a finding that will be encouraging to any companies considering a play-to-earn model in metaverse gaming, 40 per cent of gamers surveyed would like a mix of playing and earning in metaverse, while 11 per cent are more interested in earning than gaming. The remaining 49 per cent were more interested in gaming. This suggests that over half of gamers see value of a play-to-earn mode.

In terms of the potential of the metaverse, 52 per cent of gamers believed that the metaverse will change the video games industry, and 40 per cent agree that the continuing buzz regarding the metaverse is warranted. 41 per cent of respondents feel that the metaverse will have a positive impact on gaming, compared to 25 per cent of those who disagree.

However, the report concedes that this could be a matter of familiarity, with 39 per cent feeling that the gaming metaverse will mature within five years, and a further 38 per cent feeling that it will take longer.

Advertising within the metaverse

Taken together, these findings suggest that respondents are, at present, split in their opinions regarding the metaverse, and its potential to affect the gaming experience and, while we can expect these numbers to shift as the metaverse continues to grow, it could be crucial for companies to offer a variety of different services to allow for a variety of experiences based on people’s interest, and gauge the value of each product to different demographics.

With under half of those surveyed suggesting they would accept advertising within the metaverse in exchange for free access to games and services, for example, it could be valuable to offer a variety of subscription models to give subscribers a variety of options.

Despite the heightened industry interest in the metaverse, its fundamental concept remains amorphous. But with concerts now making their way from Fortnite to PUBG Mobile, the explosive popularity of metaverse platforms, and the creation of an informal standards forum (with notable absences), the metaverse will continue to be explored and further defined.

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