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Dutch publisher Spil Games racks up 300 million downloads on mobile

Operate Now: Hospital highlighted as most successful mobile title to date
Dutch publisher Spil Games racks up 300 million downloads on mobile

Netherlands-based games publisher Spil Games has surpassed 300 million downloads on mobile.

In the past the company had focused on online titles through its own web portal but in recent years has been expanding its mobile output.

It claims to use its web portal data to find out which of its browser games and genres in general are most popular and then develop new versions of them for mobile, often utilising existing IP.

"Significant revenue potential"

Its most popular mobile titles to date are the Troll Face Quest series, which has racked up 100 million installs, Uphill Rush, which has garnered 25 million downloads, and Operate Now: Hospital, which has 15 million.

The company highlighted Operate Now: Hospital as its first mobile game with “both serious install numbers and significant revenue potential”.

“Hitting 300 million installs shows our web portal to mobile strategy is paying off,” said Spil Games CEO Tung Nguyen-Khac.

“This year we will build on our mobile IP momentum and constantly improve our player’s experience while boosting the promising results we’re starting to see on retention and revenue.”

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